Friday Five: Fiber, Fun, and Fairness As I continue to experiment with making videos, I thought they would be the perfect avenue for sharing some handmade/sustainable/inspiring goodness...Check out my latest video here! Let me know if you find these recommendations useful, or if there's something else you'd like me to look into and share. I hope you enjoy, and happy … Continue reading Friday Five: Fiber, Fun, and Fairness

Pinspiration: Story Skirts & More

I haven't posted much #pinspiration (inspiring posts found on Pinterest) to facebook lately, so I thought I'd share some here! Although I did share this incredible Story Skirt yesterday, though: "Assembled from early to mid 19th C. scraps of homespun wool, prints, yarn and more, all hand sewn, this Story Skirt is reminiscent of … Continue reading Pinspiration: Story Skirts & More