Slow Fashion Resources

I’m working on creating a directory of slow fashion resources, including fabric sources, how-tos, blogs, etc…this is just getting started!  If you know of something I should add, let me know.

Sewing, Knitting, and Mending

Visible Mending features a gallery of visible mending techniques. 

Reclaimed & Rescued Fabric

FABSCRAP is located in Brookyn, NY and recovers fabrics from high-end designers in New York City, sold as a sustainable alternative to destruction and discard in landfill.  Their stock is unique and changes frequently because of the nature of their items.

Natural Fiber, Yarn, and Fabric

HoneyBeGood carries popular organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly fabrics for quilting, apparel, and more.

The Shepherd’s Mill in Phillipsburg, KS, is a personal favorite as it’s somewhat local to me; they process fleeces into spinning fiber and finished yarn.

Organic Cotton Plus offers organic cotton, wool, hemp, linen, and other fabrics, as well as lace, notions, and yarn.  Some of it is made in the USA, some is imported.

Vreseis Limited is a high-end brand of organic, color-grown cotton by Sally Fox; this company offers carded cotton fiber, yarn, cloth, and more.

Blogs & Educational Resources

Fashion Revolution is a social enterprise wanting to “unite people and organisations to work together towards radically changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed, so that our clothing is made in a safe, clean and fair way.”  Visit their site to learn about the importance of transparency in the fashion industry.

Fibershed is a California-based organization helping to develop regional fiber systems that build soil & protect the health of our biosphere.

Fringe Association is a knitting blog, but with lots of other great clothing inspiration and resources as well. 

My Green Closet is a series (posted every Thursday) of high-quality video blogs focusing on ethical/eco-friendly fashion.  Definitely worth a watch!

Regeneration International hosts a Care What You Wear campaign, and their site includes educational resources, statistics, and a directory of responsible brands.

Online Tools & Apps

National Mill Inventory is a project by Fibershed, and strives to collect information on existing mills in the United States.


Clothes Making Mavens: a sewing podcast about handmade fashion.

Seamwork Radio: stories about designing, making, and wearing your own clothing.

Thread Cult: a podcast for the sewing, fashion, and textile obsessed.


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