DIY: Crochet bobble trim (even if you can’t crochet!) So, yesterday I posted a video on how to crochet your own bobble or pompom trim, even if you're not an experienced crocheter (because I'm definitely not!) This was done on my phone, and also unedited...let me know what you think? Do you like quicker, more casual mini-tutorials? Watch it here and let me … Continue reading DIY: Crochet bobble trim (even if you can’t crochet!)

How I design a simple clutch…

I thought I would show the process of how I design and create a simple pleated zipper's not really a tutorial (though you can find my basic pouch tutorial here,) but a look at how I make the pattern and finish the piece. What would you like to see me design next?! I … Continue reading How I design a simple clutch…

Mini Junk Journal Flip Through

I've always been fascinated by zines, art journals, and the like. It's only recently, however, that I've started actively creating them. This is a little flip-through of a little's only partially finished. I hope to have some junk journal tutorials up soon...(and have been thinking about the possibility of offering kits in the … Continue reading Mini Junk Journal Flip Through

Reclectic Goods

Mixed media artist Christie Johnson, the creative force that is Reclectic Goods, has a knack for taking everyday objects and reclaiming them as vibrant, unique, and interesting works of art.  I wanted to share these amazing earrings I acquired through a trade (full disclosure, I was not fair in that trade; I definitely got the … Continue reading Reclectic Goods

Guess What?

HA!  Sorry, I couldn't resist... But guess what else?  There are new items in the shop! The Rustique linen tunic is a comfy, versatile top made to your measurements from a lovely, (lovely!) linen. It's truly one of my favorite go-to wardrobe pieces.  It's available in two colors, and can read more about it here. … Continue reading Guess What?

Totes Totes: Free Market Bag Tutorials & Patterns

Farmer's Market season is nearly upon us!  This is something I just realized the other day...I also realized that I've been really bad about remembering to bring my totes to the grocery store.  Market totes are the kind of thing you can't have too many of....(especially when you're forgetful.) I thought this might be a … Continue reading Totes Totes: Free Market Bag Tutorials & Patterns