Scrappers’ Delight, take two!

Scrap Happy Craft Kits are back in the shop and just $5 each (+shipping). Because I've amassed so much crafty goodness over the years and never throw any of it away, I am offering these carefully curated embellishment kits, featuring scraps and leftover fabric, buttons, etc. They're perfect for small projects, scrapbook or junk journaling … Continue reading Scrappers’ Delight, take two!

11 Ways to Use Up Scrap Fabric

I have a lot of fabric scraps.  (Okay...that's an understatement.)  If you do too, and are looking for some ways to get them out of your stash, here are a few ideas: 1.  Piece strips into a striped fabric that can be used for small projects like zipper pouches. 2.   Use tiny scraps and … Continue reading 11 Ways to Use Up Scrap Fabric

Slow Fashion Revolution // Part 2 of 3

After exploring the definition of slow fashion in Monday's post, let's take a closer look at its three elements that I mentioned:  care, quality, and cultivation. First, let's talk about Cultivation (or, if you prefer, curation.)  This refers to the way you build your wardrobe.  How are you obtaining your clothes--are you buying new, hitting up the thrift shops, … Continue reading Slow Fashion Revolution // Part 2 of 3