DIY: Bracelet Handbag Tutorial

Bracelet handbags may be my new favorite thing. If you'd like to make your can! Check out my tutorial here! I'm pretty excited about this particular project, and plan on making more of these in different styles... If you do create your own, I would seriously love to see it...I mean that! Post a … Continue reading DIY: Bracelet Handbag Tutorial

DIY: Crochet bobble trim (even if you can’t crochet!) So, yesterday I posted a video on how to crochet your own bobble or pompom trim, even if you're not an experienced crocheter (because I'm definitely not!) This was done on my phone, and also unedited...let me know what you think? Do you like quicker, more casual mini-tutorials? Watch it here and let me … Continue reading DIY: Crochet bobble trim (even if you can’t crochet!)