Pinspiration: Story Skirts & More

I haven’t posted much #pinspiration (inspiring posts found on Pinterest) to facebook lately, so I thought I’d share some here! Although I did share this incredible Story Skirt yesterday, though:

“Assembled from early to mid 19th C. scraps of homespun wool, prints, yarn and more, all hand sewn, this Story Skirt is reminiscent of the wonderful African American Quilts made by Harriet Powers in the late 19th Century. It is apparent, by considerable visual examination that more than one hand has worked on this piece over time when considering apparent repairs, although the primary story elements and structure remain intact.”

This jacket is another incredible piece and I’d love to create something for myself with a similar feel…

And I don’t know what it is about these textile coins, but I find them so very endearing. Is it the shape and texture? The rustic stitching? The print? All of the above? (Probably that…) Made by Karen Larko.

And these simple roses captured by @ardaisy_ provide a nice dose of floral therapy. (I can almost smell them…)

I currently have an eye obsession….this piece by Damselfrau is perfect. (PS — I have been wanting to make some wild masks myself. #onmylist)

I also (still) have a pompom obsession…so, also: perfect. (You can even follow the tutorial by Lisa Tilse on We Are Scout.)

And lastly, this art journal entry by Alisa Burke is described as “Playing around with color and a mash up of drawings and mark making!” It looks like a total masterpiece to me. I’m in love.

That’s it for this round, but I am lurking on Pinterest at least once a week… If you’re not already, be sure to follow me for more awesome, inspiring stuff! And let me know: what are you pinning?

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