Enough to go around…

It’s easy to think that the craft business is oversaturated; maybe it is, I have no idea. I suppose it’s all relative.  And it can be easy, as a small crafter/small business to feel somewhat—possessive?—at times.  Most of us have probably at some point, to some degree, felt this. The fear that someone might steal our design, or our customers, or something…and if this other person is selling, that means we aren’t.

Of course…that’s not true. But if this is what you’re feeling right now, I want to offer this encouragement: there is always enough to go around!

Truly, there is.  Sometimes, it might not feel like it, but the fact is that there is only one of you, and no matter how hard someone might try to copy, no one can be you, or produce your work, or steal your customers.

Don’t be afraid to share and celebrate other handmade businesses.  Art is kind of like love…the more you spread it around, the more it’ll grow. If more people appreciate handmade and the work that many artisans are creating, and realize the value of handmade, they will become more receptive to the handiwork of many.

Foster an appreciation of all things handmade, and you will thrive as well.

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Gardener, artist, maker, lover of local and earth enthusiast.

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