At the ART SHOW!

I’ve been kind of lazy lately and didn’t blog about my recent art show at TISSU.

As always, Nina is the most fabulous hostess ever and I’m so grateful she let me spend a few hours lurking around her gorgeous studio.  I’m also grateful to all who came out to see my stuff.

The exhibit featured textile pieces, some ink drawings and prints, and other mixed media pieces.  I had SO many ideas for the show, and naturally, only reached the date with a handful of them completed (yes, I’m thinking a SotPSS Volume II is in order…next year?)

This was an especially fun show to work on, as each “artifact” was accompanied by a completely fictional description of its historical significance.

Tissu Sewing Studio and Moth and RustFinal Friday: Secrets of the Prairie Spinster Society

Original Designs by Moth and Rust (Leanne D.)

43719103_10155556706831097_2340751476898398208_oJacket by Moth and Rust, Wichita, Kansas

Fashion and art friends!

Okay, I’m going to finish some custom orders and hopefully have some new designs to show you soon…in the meantime, stay fancy!

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