Hello, September…

The weather is finally starting to cool off (though admittedly, some of these photos were taken last week when it was still hot as blazes…as I type this, it’s drizzling, again.)

I don’t know if I want to think about the fact that Craftacular is only 23 days from now… (!!!) I am trying to work on my own product and booth, but you know how other things can get in the way.

However, I’m not sorry to spend time with my lovely little hens, who have been laying now for a month!!  That is about a month earlier than when I expected them to start.  But now we have little blue and green eggs all over the place.

I’ve been thinking about Moth & Rust, as a “brand,” and as a blog…and thinking I’d like to bring it back into the direction I’d originally planned…that is, with more emphasis on the education/inspiration aspect.  Of course I still enjoy making things, and still want to continue offering the things that I make, but I’d like to offer more tutorials, patterns, etc…so, I’m working on that.

This past weekend, I did a little dye experiment with pokeberries (I’ll have to post the final results later!)  I’m working on a pattern for cloth mushrooms.  I need to finish a pouch tutorial I started ages ago.  I’ve got some awesome custom-made pieces from Art Farm just lying around, waiting to be made into some great jewelry.  I have been spinning a very, very little bit, and need to share that with you, too…



So, that’s mostly what I’ve been up to–still busy, still the worst blogger ever. ;)  But, hopefully I will change that second part.

Where are you finding inspiration these days?