A Grand Affair: TISSU’s New Location!

Less than two months until Craftacular, three months until another special event (more info to come on that), and so…what am I doing here?!  I know I should be getting to work, but before I do, I absolutely must share these photos from TISSU Sewing Studio’s Grand Re-Opening!

On July 27, TISSU hosted special guest Lala Lychee (Autumn Noire) and her adorable bunny illustrations–there was great company, fantastic refreshments, and a first hand look at the airy, open new sewing studio!

 One thing I love about TISSU (in addition to a beautiful atmosphere and super-sweet owner!) is how creative you can be in this space–Nina provides so many opportunities for her students and visitors to really explore and express imaginations.

There is no shortage of design walls, inspirational books and magazines, pattern resources and paper for sketching or cutting and draping!


Oh, and there was a giveaway, too!!  Guests entered to win prizes based on their clothing category.

The new space includes all the wonderful resources of the old, but is a little more roomier and also more accessible.  I am so excited to see what’s in store for this studio!!

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