An exciting change.

When I initially created this site, it was mostly meant as a home base for my brand of handmade goods.  I also wanted to provide articles, tutorials, etc., so that it was a helpful resource, too, but I realized this just wasn’t happening…  

Why?  Honestly, I had vague ideas of what I wanted the site to be, but I wasn’t being intentional about it, so content was hit and miss.

I’ve been doing some serious reevaluating.  I’m so excited to tell you that I am shifting my focus—while it may not sound like a huge change, I’m excited to say that Moth and Rust’s home is transitioning from a somewhat stagnant site to a DIY and Lifestyle blog, dedicated to regularly bringing you resources and content that will spark your creativity.

You can view the new site at  This site,, will remain online for a while as I slowly move content over to the new site.

It will definitely take time to grow into the vision I now have set for it, but I will be working consistently to make that happen.  You can check out some of the articles I’ve got up and take a look at the new site design but I will continue working every day to bring you more value.

I’m finally taking my own advice and being more intentional about the things I’m passionate about—namely providing inspiration, education, and resources to others who want to grow and learn.  

Will it be perfect?  I’m pretty sure it won’t!  But I know the only way to get to where I want to be is to simply begin.

I hope you’ll continue to grow with me.  If you have questions, thoughts, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to get in touch

If you’re wondering about Moth and Rust as a brand, know that I will continue to create handmade items and patterns, which you can still find in the Etsy shop.  You can also purchase some of my knitting patterns directly from my site now, and I plan on adding more in the future.  If you’re not already, follow me on instagram or facebook, subscribe to my youtube channel, or even—yes!—follow me on tiktok!  (Yeah, I’m still trying to get the hang of that one!)

I want to sincerely thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support and for following along with me.  I really means so much, I cannot even express in words!!

If you have subscribed to this wordpress site, you’ll no longer be receiving post updates.  If you want to continue to receive notice of new posts, be sure to sign up for my newsletter which I’ll send out about every other week.  It will contain blog highlights, studio updates, exclusive coupons, and other news.